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Andy Bingaman


Name, Hometown, Current residence

My name is Andy Bingaman, I’m from Sunbury, PA and I currently live outside of Sunbury in Snydertown.

High school

I attended Shikellamy High School and graduated in 2007.

Family, spouse, boy/girlfriend, kids, pets, etc.

I’ve been Married to my wife Erica since Dec. 14th 2006 and we have two kids together. Our daughter Alyson is 16 and our son Ayden is 15. We have two dogs, ChumChum and Coco, and two cats Onyx and Coal, all who were rescued or born at our house (Coco).

How did you get started in fitness? What was your first exposure?

My first experience with fitness was is May 2017 after I suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) in an auto accident. After that I was super focused and determined to find health and wholeness and found myself at the Sunbury Y every weekday for well over a year, working out, playing basketball and building community!

Who influenced you along the way? Tell us about your mentors.

Richie Cruz is someone I met in 2020 and we became acquainted through church. Since, Richie, his wife Heather and their 5 kids have become really good friends of ours. Richie has made a huge impact in my life by helping me with my self-awareness, boundaries, and taught me how to have healthier relationships with people. He’s encouraged me greatly by sharing his own quote “Do what works, Discard what doesn’t, Honor those that differ”.

What do you do for fun?

For fun I usually play video games with my son, do arts and crafts with my daughter, or my wife and I occasionally get away to just hangout, and we enjoy our time together dreaming about the days when we will be able to get in a RV and cruise the U.S. and experience how amazing our planet/country are.

What is on your bucket list?

I do not have a bucket list but, I would love to travel with my wife, as our kids get older and move on with their adult lives. The goal there is to see as much of this amazing world as we can, build a stronger relationship with each other every day, all the while letting people know how much Jesus loves them!

Favorite Food or Candy?

My favorite food is my wife’s lasagna (I’m saying that incase she reads this, lol). Just kidding, it’s amazing. My favorite candy is Reese’s fast break.

Favorite Travel Spot?

I do not have a favorite travel spot currently, but my daughter Alyson and I hope to travel to Australia and Alaska together!

Favorite Movie? Book?

I really enjoy The Hobbit movie series, and Marvel movies, no specific favorite.

Any hidden talents? Fun Facts?

A hidden talent of mine is, I can actually turn my arms around in a complete 360-degree circle. I’m double jointed. 

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