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Tax Credit Program

The Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA was approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Pre-Kindergarten Scholarship Organization. This means that local businesses can fulfill a portion of their Pennsylvania State Tax bill by making a donation to the YMCA’s childcare program. For more information about utilizing the EITC tax credits, go to or contact Bonnie McDowell, CEO at 570-286-5636 or Click here for more information.



One of the characteristics of our day is the tendency for people to make provisions for perpetuation of their influence beyond their lifetime.  More and more persons of both large and small means are setting aside a portion of their resources to continue benevolent interest in the people of their community. Anyone contemplating such provisions for the future naturally wants assurance that money provided for this purpose will:
  • Accomplish some permanent good
  • Help build the community of the future as one would like to do—if still living
  • Be managed wisely with an emphasis on benevolent stewardship
  • Go on to an organization which is stable, well managed, in touch with public sentiment and capable of meeting the changing conditions of the future
  • Provide for young men and women who need the service of the YMCA most. 
Endowment  Funds serve two functions. First they ensure universal accessibility to programs and services by providing a firm financial foundation. People of all ages who need our services often cannot afford to pay what it actually costs to provide them. Increasing fees to cover these costs would most certainly shut out from the program benefits those who need them most. Endowment Funds allow the YMCA to offer these benefits to those who truly need them. 
Secondly, Endowment funds provide for expansion and new directions in programming as they are needed. Constantly changing social conditions require new methods and programs, while growing populations require expansion of proven programs. Relying solely on United Way funding and participant fees and contributions leaves the YMCA in a position of not being able to respond to those changes in a timely and effective manner. Endowment funds do make it possible.
Many friends of the youth and of the YMCA have made gifts or provisions in their wills whereby their lifetime ideals and interests have been perpetuated and their annual contributions capitalized. This opportunity is open to all, whether the gifts or bequests be large or small.  You, too, can make a lifetime gift or bequest to strengthen and extend the services of the Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA.
For any further information, please contact Bonnie McDowell, CEO Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA, at 570-556-4191 or

Lisa Kelly – Influencing a Child’s Life

As a child, “I was able to get scholarships and a membership to the YMCA.” Lisa’s life was greatly impacted by her experience at the Y as a child. Now, “My children have been involved in multiple programs through the YMCA.”

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