Member Stories

Bill and Faye Stein - Functional Fitness Classes

“I competitively ride cutting horses and it’s very important there that you can maintain a sense of balance and posture when that horse is moving as dramatically as it does… It’s become a real integral, important part of our lives.” -Bill Stein

“This class has impacted my life in such a positive way. It has improved my balance, gait, core strength…just about every part of my body is better off having taken this class.” -Faye Stein

Lisa Kelly – Influencing a Child’s Life

As a child, “I was able to get scholarships and a membership to the YMCA.” Lisa’s life was greatly impacted by her experience at the Y as a child. Now, “My children have been involved in multiple programs through the YMCA.”

Tony Norris - All Because Someone Gave

Tony has been a member of the YMCA since he was a young child. Thanks
to a generous pastor and his wife who lived next to the Norris family, the
entire family including 11 kids enjoyed a YMCA membership.

Eddie and Grant Hostetler - STRIDE

“When I ran my first 5K… I felt a big sense of accomplishment when I was
done and beat my dad.” -Grant Hostetler

The one activity Grant told me about was when they were running and someone was slowing down… their job was to speak encouraging words,
“You can do it. You can do it.” Being able to watch and hear these young
boys be able to encourage each other… I thought that was fantastic.” –
Eddie Hostetler

Ken Mitstifer - Making a Comeback

“I suffered a shoulder injury that required surgery, then further
injured my shoulder and required a second surgery. I recognize the
need to adapt everyday activities when dealing with an injury. My
workouts at the Y allowed me to come back stronger after my injury.
It gave me a sense of being, and family.“ -Ken Mitstifer

Arts Center - Impacting the Lives of Older Adults

“Within the past three weeks, I have had two seniors tell me that they needed community and have found it at the Arts Center. One is a knitting student, who said how much she appreciated the classes and that she had been looking for something to help her right now, she has been feeling isolated. The second person recently moved to a senior life facility in Lewisburg from Williamsport and she wanted to seek out people who shared her interests. She joined our Watercolor Club to paint with and interact with other adults who enjoy painting. I can overhear the painters encouraging each other and sharing their ideas and conversation.”

-Emily Anmuth,
Arts Center Director

Confidence in the Water

Thomas (Name has been changed to protect the child’s privacy.) came to the Milton Y for
private swimming lessons on Saturday mornings. He is four years old and has special needs. His dad would get in the pool with him during his lessons with Cortney Lahr.  His parents said he hated the water.

Cortney worked for two months on swimming lessons and, with dad’s help, was able to get him blowing bubbles, kicking his feet, and laying in the water on his belly. He loves the water now.

Finding Support for the Journey

Lisa Orner has been a member of the Sunbury YMCA for over eight years. When Lisa joined the Y, she had health problems that she was looking to work on.  Lisa was overweight, depressed and had diabetes.  Lisa’s journey started as a struggle, but thanks to the group exercise instructors, she found the motivation she needed to tackle her issues.  Lisa attended class after class and began to see how this fitness journey could change her life. She found her self-confidence, strength, and the desire to do more. Lisa attributes the Y staff for the motivation to keep going even when things got difficult.  Lisa has lost over a hundred pounds, her diabetes is under control, and she is no longer depressed. The Y has been a safe haven for Lisa, and she looks forward to continuing her journey with the Y!

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