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Strengthen Your Way Through the Summer Challenge

Man and woman doing a Les Mills GRIT workout

Get ready for a 6-week challenge to elevate your level of fitness at the Lewisburg YMCA! 

This Les Mills GRIT inspired challenge begins on July 10, 2023 and runs through August 19, 2023 (6 weeks total). All that’s required to join the challenge is: 

  • You are a current GSVYMCA member 
  • And, you’re looking to improve your level of strength, endurance and fitness

Here’s how it works: 

Before the challenge starts, you will take a fitness test. We’ll measure: 

  • Test 1: How many push-ups in 1 minute.
  • Test 2. Broad Jump Distance.
  • Test 3: A timed 1-mile run/walk.
  • Test 4: How many Burpees in one minute.
  • Test 5: Hexagon Agility Test.
  • Test 6: How long can you hold a hover.

After the  6 week challenge, you’ll take the above test again and see how much you have increased your level of fitness!

How can I increase my fitness level?

We recommend that you attend 1 or 2 Les Mills GRIT classes a week, and also mix in workouts including  cardio, core and strength.

Maybe attend a new class that you haven’t tried before!

It’s easy to get started! Just sign up at the front desk and an instructor will reach out to you by email to schedule your testing. Testing will be completed by group exercise instructors Jeanne Potratz, Tiff Bogart, Stacy Keister and Jess Clemens.

Questions? Email Jess here

See you soon! 

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