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Swim Lessons

Learn to swim at the Y! The YMCA has long been America’s favorite swimming instructor. We offer swim lessons for infants, kids, teenagers and adults.

Water Aerobics

Use the resistance and buoyancy of the water to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility.

Swim Teams

The YMCA has several swim team options at our branches. Seasons and age groups vary by location. 

Lifeguard Certificate

This course is designed to give participants the skills and knowledge needed to be lifeguards in a pools and other aquatics environments. 

Pool Safety

Guidelines for how we can all work together to keep kids safe in our pools.

Water Discovery

Children 6 months-3 years will participate with an adult in the water. They will be shown basic skills like: blowing bubbles, rolling from front to back, grabbing the wall, back float, and exiting the water.

Water Acclimation

Prerequisite: Swimmers must be able to enter and exit the pool independently and maintain control in the water with the aide of a swimming flotation. They will start to explore the water with help. This class is for beginning swimmers that still need a flotation device.

Water Movement

Prerequisite: Swimmers in this level should be starting to control their body in the water and make forward progress independently. They should be starting to swim in the shallow end without a flotation device. They will explore the water without the help of an instructor. They will also develop basic skills to propel and glide through the water and learn basic water safety.

Water Stamina

Swimmers must be able to swim across the width of the pool independently. This stage develops forward movement on the front and back, integrating arm and leg action, and introduces rhythmic breathing. Skills will be practiced in the middle of the pool in water over the swimmer’s head. 

Stroke Introduction

Participants MUST be able to swim without a flotation device in the deep end!! In this stage participants have mastered the basic technique in the front and back crawl, as well as the elementary backstroke. They will be introduced to Butterfly, Breaststroke and sidestroke at this level, as well as, building their swimming endurance

Stroke Development

Participants must be able to swim without a flotation device in the deep end. In this stage participants have mastered the basic technique in the front and back crawl, the elementary backstroke, rhythmic breathing. They will continue work on Butterfly, Breaststroke and sidestroke.  They will keep building their swimming endurance by swimming longer distances across the pool. This level continues to work on water safety and encourages swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Private Swim Lessons & Group Private Lessons are available. Contact Kristy Reichner, Aquatics Director, for more information about swim lessons and private swim lessons.


(P) 570.286.5636 SUNBURY

Parents are not permitted on the pool deck.
Register online, at the Front Desk or call 570.286.5636

Swimming Teams

This is our entry level group. This group may go up to 9 years old depending on ability. With the goal that each child can safely swim across the pool without stopping in at least 1 competitive stroke. 5 and 6 year old will be considered based on space and ability or encouraged to join our Pre-Novice group. Novice are encouraged to practice 1-2 times per week and to attend meets that are home or nearby.
Cadets should know all 4 strokes and be able to swim at least 3 of them legally. Cadets are encouraged to practice 2-3 times per week and to attend home meets and nearby meets. Higher levels Cadets are encouraged to travel to away meets such as invitationals and championship meets.
(Age 8 with coach's approval based on ability and space in the group)
Preps can swim all 4 strokes legally, and are familiar with the drill progressions. The Preps are encouraged to practice 3-4 times per week and will begin to train at an aerobic level. Preps are expected to travel to away meets, including invitationals.
Junior swimmers should be able to legally swim all 4 strokes as well as complete a legal 200IM. The junior train primarily at an aerobic and aerobic threshold level with some anaerobic work. All juniors are expected to dedicate to minimum 3-4 practices per week with more preferred and are advised to participate in only swimming during the wintertime. Juniors are expected to travel to all away invitationals and championship meets.
Senior Group
This group is strictly under coach's advisement. Seniors are to show considerable dedication to training and competition, including making a minimum of 4-5 practices per week and competing at all away invitationals and championship meets Seniors train aerobically and anaerobically. High school swimmers are encouraged to train under the GSVY coaches while competing for their respective high schools.


The Sunbury Dolphins make use of three separate swimming facilities. They are the Sunbury YMCA, Danville Area Community Center, and Susquehanna University swimming pools. With three facilities at our disposal there are more options for available swim times and fewer swimmers in each lane.

Competitive Swimming

The season begins in early October and extends until early April for those going to nationals. Fees vary depending upon the swimming level of the student-athlete based on their practice group placement.

Swimmers must compete in at least three YMCA meets during the season to be eligible for additional competition. At meets we measure progress, experience competition and strive for individual and team accomplishments.

Our competitions include dual meets, invitational and championship meets. The goal is to be a team that supports all swimmers through different tracks that swimmers and families choose to compete at based on their inclination, desire and athletic ability.

Lifeguard Certification

Prerequisite:  Minimum age of 15 years, must be able to swim 300 yards continuously. Tread water for 2-minutes with no hands.  Retrieve a 10lb object from the bottom of 10ft depth.

American Red Cross training includes:  CPR/AED/First Aid/Lifeguard.

Participants must attend all classes listed for that session; no make-up classes are offered.

Keep checking back for class times for 2023


Lifeguard Recertification will be posted when scheduled – check back regularly!

Prerequisite:  Must present a lifeguard certification that is still valid on the first day of the course.  must be able to swim 300 yards continuously. Tread water for 2-minutes with no hands.  Retrieve a 10lb object from the bottom of 10ft depth.

Only for participants who previously passed a lifeguard certification course.  American Red Cross training includes: CPR/AED/First Aid/Lifeguard.  PLEASE include a current email address when registering.  Participants must attend all classes listed for that session; no make-up classes are offered.

For more information, contact Kristy Reichner, Aquatics Director


(P) 570.286.5636

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