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Teen Center / Pool Rental

$175.00 – $200.00
The Milton YMCA is happy to make available its facilities and equipment to groups when it does not interfere with the ongoing programs of the YMCA.
A down payment of ½ of the total rental fee is due when the contract is signed, the remaining balance must be paid before rental is scheduled, upon entering the YMCA. Failure to comply with the stated rules of this agreement could result in cancellation of the rental.
Member Price: $175.00
Non-Member Price: $200.00


2. Minors under 10 years of ager who do pass the swim test MUST have a parent or legal guardian supervising. NO EXCEPTIONS
3. Co-ed parties must furnish the services of an adult to supervise the locker rooms.
4. Parties are permitted to enter the locker rooms 15 minutes before the scheduled swim time, upon the appearance of the chaperones and presentation of rental fees.
5. No food or drink is permitted on the pool deck.
6. The YMCA will furnish a lifeguard who will be in charge of the pool.
7. Swimsuit attire MUST be worn in the pool.
8. We offer a variety of pool toys and devices, if your party decides to utilize these it is your responsibility to clean up at the end of your pool time slot.

9. The Fitness Center and Weight Room are off limits to all rental parties.
10. Except when specifically moving from one location to another, youth are not allowed to run or loiter the halls.
NOTE: All garbage must be taken out to the dumpster before leaving. Door is midway up the steps from the pool. Dumpster is at the end of the alley.

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Teen Center / Pool Rental

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