A rental pool room at sunbury


Youth Center

$80.00 – $90.00
No Additional Information
Member Price: $80.00
Non-Member Price: $90.00


Charles B. Degenstein Community Youth Center
1. Staff will unlock facility.
2. Garbage must be disposed of! Our dumpster is located in the back of the building.
3. Please wipe off tables, countertops, and sink. Please do not put anything but liquid in the sink. (Broom and dustpan are located beside the microwave and rags are in the door under the microwave.)
4. Please sweep up the floor and clean up that was not there when you arrived.
5. DJ and Music, Big screen TV and small appliance usage is NOT permitted. (I.e. coffee pot, microwave etc.)
6. Usage of board games and computers is not permitted!
7. Food and drinks may only be consumed at the tables and the bar. No food or drinks in the carpeted areas!
8. Turn off lights and leave the room the way you found it!
*Please note: If you do not have the pool rented, you may NOT use Family/Open Swim*

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