Board of Directors

Our Corporate Board of Directors is made up of dedicated community leaders who use their diverse talents to help define the Y’s long-range Strategic Plan. Each board member actively serves on the committees that implement the plan throughout our programs. Our board firmly believes that the Y plays a vital role in shaping children, supporting families, and providing people of all ages and abilities with programs that can help them realize their full potentials.

Terri Locke


Edna Cravitz

1st Vice President​

Tom McKee


Donna Spangler-Boop ​


Roger Wiest II, Esq.​


Jim Apple
Brent Bobb
Dr. Pat Bruno
Laverne Eiswerth
George Fecker
Karen Fry
Dr. John Gotaskie
Amy Gresh

Norm Jones
Barry Kramer
Dr. Steve Kramm
Dobble Mattern
Dr. John Pagana
Craig Purdy
Melanie Rager
Michelle Reid

Don Remmey
Becky Scheller
Kathy Storm
Dr. Jeff Walter
Nancy Walters
Dr. Kevin Welch
Carol Yost
David Zartman

Branch Board Members

Milton YMCA Board of Directors:

Deb Bleistein
Ken Chappell
Karen Fry
Kevin Fry
Terri Locke
Andrew Rantz
Bridgette Reish-Coup
Becky Scheller
Chris Scheller
Laura Spangler
Tia Stahl
Jessica Steele
Randall Straub
Carol Vollmer
Nancy Walters
Jessica Wertz
Erin Wolfe
Carol Yost

Sunbury YMCA Board of Directors:

Meagan Baumgartner
Jim Brosious
Deb Clark
Elizabeth Clements
Steve Dagle
Nicco Dalpiaz
Fran Davis
Laverne Eiswerth
Richard Fangmann
Amy Gresh
Robin Heintzelman
Barbara Labant
Tom McKee
Adam Purdy
Bill Shoemaker
Donna Spangler-Boop
Diana Toccket
Angela Treas
Dr. Jeff Walter
Fran Zartman

Union County YMCA Board of Directors

Priscilla Cromwell
Tricia Dreese
Matthew Gardill
Judi Karr
Dr. Steve Kramm
Dr. Jack Martin
Morgan Mattern
Shayleen Moran
Michele Ocker-Holman
Matt Ostrowsky
Michelle Reid
Kelly Shannon
Tiffany Snook
Kathy Storm
Jan Wilson

Middlecreek Area Community YMCA Board of Directors

Ally Auckerman
Brent Bobb
Tracey Bobb
Marla Connahan
Jerry Edmiston
Adam Ewig
Ivan Hassinger
Marci Hassinger
Clay Henry
Carlos Kearns
Barry Kramer
Denton Mallonee
Rick Maloyed
Tami Mattern
Dobble Mattern
Don Moyer
Melanie Rager
Chris Romig
Brenda Smith
LaMar Troup
Andre Wagner
Deb Young

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