Age is just a number. It’s never too late to get fit, build strength and balance, and feel better every day.

SilverSneakers is a community that will help you not just become more active, but more confident and social as well.

Active Older Adults (AOA)

Luncheons, get-togethers, make and meet new friends, fun activities, and more!

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Mission Moment

“I joined the YMCA in July 2021.  I was on a weight loss journey and simple dieting was not working anymore.  I was feeling down, depressed, defeated, and my knees and hips were bothering me when I remembered that a Zumba instructor I knew started teaching at the Y.  I started taking Zumba classes.  I forged some awesome friendships with other members and the staff.  Everyone was so friendly and encouraging.  As my confience grew, so did my ability to step out of my confort zone and try new things, slowly adding to the number and frequency of classes I was attending.  Until, finally, I am taking classes 5 days a week, which was just the ticket.  No more weight issues or dieting, and I am feeling GREAT!  With my new-found self-assurance, I began working at the front desk of the Y in 2022, and since that time, I’ve had the privilege to help with SilverSneakers classes and serve in other roles.  I can hardly believe the turn my life has taken…all because of the YMCA and the people here believeing in me and helping me to believe in myself again!”

Holly Shrader, YMCA Member and AOA Coordinator.

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