Personal Training

For some people, working out can be exciting at first, but feel easier to brush off as time passes. A personal trainer will help to keep you accountable and reach your current goals—then inspire you to set new ones. Your trainer will help you establish goals that are specific to your needs. They’ll tailor a program that takes into consideration your fitness level and any possible limitations you may have while helping you improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, cardiovascular health, and more!

Personal Training is to assist individuals to reach their weight loss/cross training/athletic/toning goals as well as familiarizing a client with a particular group fitness class (cycling, step, Zumba®, etc.), exercise machines, and/or exercise routines. Please remember that self discipline and motivation are needed to reach your goals. The personal trainer is here to help you reach your goal(s), but without your proper dedication to physical activity and nutrition, results may not be visible. All are welcome regardless of age, limitations, medications, or fitness background.

Patrick Adams

Certified Personal Trainer

A photo of Patrick Adams

For more information about personal training options and availability, Please contact Ron Marshall at or 570.742.7321

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