It is the policy of the YMCA to maintain a positive, safe and secure environment. In striving to attain such an environment, the YMCA takes the position of no tolerance for weapons in our building except as specifically stated here: ALL weapons or instruments that have the appearance of a weapon are prohibited within all YMCA property. Weapon means any firearms, chemical substance, device or instrumented capable of threatening or producing harm. YMCA members & non-members will be expelled from the YMCA.

External Privacy Notice

This privacy policy will advise you about our guidelines concerning the use of your personal information, including the reasonable efforts we make to protect your personal information in accordance with the guidelines, and about what choices you have concerning our use of such information. You can ask for a copy of our policy at the front desk of your local branch or click below. Please read this policy carefully.


Appropriate athletic attire is required when using the fitness centers, including classes, orientations and personal training. Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times in the interest of hygiene and safety.

Inclement Weather

If the YMCA is closed due to inclement weather, an announcement will be made on the following radio stations: WKOK & WQKX and Bigfoot Country. Check social media for updates.

Cell Phone/ Video

The YMCA reserves the right to videotape or photograph YMCA members & participants for advertising purposes. Members are NOT allowed to videotape or photograph unless they have permission from all of the individuals involved. Video/camera phones are NOT allowed to be used in child care areas or locker rooms. Please be respectful of phone usage in the fitness centers.

Sex Offender Screenings

The YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participations, and remove visitation access.

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