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Small Group Training

Are you looking for individualized attention where your instructor is aware of your specific strengths and weaknesses? If you would like a workout geared towards your needs, check out small group training sessions! Each participant is assessed before joining and the instructor actively engages with each member during sessions. Spots are limited and sign ups run monthly. Small group trainings allow for individuals to foster friendships and hold each other accountable!

TRX with Tom

Join YMCA Personal Trainer Tom Reitz for a small group program that is designed to improve your strength and flexibility. TRX is a suspension training program that uses your body weight in various positions to provide resistance against gravity. The only equipment you need is you and provided TRX straps which are attached overhead or to a wall. It is safe and fully adaptable to anyone. Small groups create accountability and help push you that extra mile.

Two old men working out with each other
YMCA instructor teaching people how to do poses

Pilates Fusion

Janice Leeser and Tereza Wilver lead our newest addition designed to tone and sculpt while developing functional strength, body control, and body awareness. This low-impact small group personal training combines heightened mental focus with precise controlled movements. This fun but challenging workout will feature lots of variety while fusing mat Pilates with functional mobility. Max of 6 participants per session so act fast!

Mondays & Wednesdays with Tereza

Tuesdays & Thursdays with Janice

Tuesdays & Thursdays with Janice

Functional Fitness

Stay active into retirement and keep doing the things you love! Functional Fitness incorporates integrated movement routines to increase strength, balance and flexibility. This low impact but intense workout aims to improve endurance and agility. One hour sessions with our personal trainer Janice will be tailored to meet client’s specific needs and abilities. Participants must be able to get up and down off of the floor and bear limited weight on knees and shoulders. Class sessions will run monthly and are open to the first 6 members to sign up! 

Mondays and Wednesdays, 11 am – noon

Peak Performance

This brand new small group training is led by Kayla Forry and will teach athletes “the big 3,” squatting, benching and deadlifting. The goal of Peak Performance is to build body awareness, increase mobility and reduce injury while giving athletes the confidence to come in and safely lift when they want.

Each athlete will get a baseline so they can track progress efficiently. They will also learn to increase performance by doing the accessory work to build up those lifts. Athletes will also learn about injury prevention by showing them how and when to “bail” on a lift, safely, as well as how to properly spot one another.

The halfway point and the final day will have a “PR Day,” where each athlete will strive to achieve a personal best. Training runs Tuesdays and Fridays from 5:30-6:30 pm and is open to athletes 11 to 16 years old. 

squat rack

Cardio, Core & More

This low-impact, high intensity Small Group Training uses functional strength movements relevant to daily activities with focus on the core. We will incorporate cardio, balance with strength moves using hand weights, med balls, balance balls, suspension straps and steps, all while working the core and getting our heart rates up. Participants will need to be able to get down on the floor,  and be able to do steps. Please contact Personal Trainer Janice Leeser for an assessment so that sessions can be tailored to your specific needs. Sessions run monthly and are open to the first 6 members to sign up.

Sessions are Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 to 1 pm.

Qi Gong

The Lewisburg YMCA is excited to bring back classes in Qigong, an ancient Chinese discipline that integrates physical postures, breathing technique and focused intention. Qigong, considered the mother of Tai Chi, is a highly effective health care practice. Qigong’s gentle rhythmic movements, when consistently practiced, have been known to reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system. Some practices have been found to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, and digestive functions. No mats, special clothing or equipment is needed to practice; comfortable shoes and clothing are all you need. 

For more information on the benefits of Qigong, please click here.


Also, coming soon, a brand new offering at the Lewisburg YMCA: Tai Chi. For more information, click here

Classes will be taught by Michael LaBant. LaBant is a certified instructor with the National Qi Gong Association, The Institute of Integral Qi Gong and Tai Chi and a professional member of the American Tai Chi and Qi Gong Association. He has trained and studied with numerous Masters, Teachers and Dr. of Chinese Medicine. Among them, Dr. Roger Jahnke, author and co founder of the National Qi Gong Association, Master Robert Peng, teacher, author, International Chinese scholar, author and doctor of Chinese Medicine, Ken Cohen, and most recently with Michael Winn and Mingtong Gu, both internationally known for their own schools and decades of Qi Gong teaching and scholarly publications. LaBant, a veteran of the U.S.M.C., has taught several classes for Geisinger Medical Center’s Silver Circle program and was an executive board member and teacher at the former Whole Life Society in New Berlin.

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