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Personal Training

Maximize your workout with individualized or group personal training at The Lewisburg YMCA. Work one-on-one with a certified personal trainer to achieve your specific wellness goals: weight loss, muscular strength, sports training, flexibility, accountability, nutrition, and so much more.

Also consider working alongside a friend or two with our group personal training options. We will work around your busy schedule and your wellness needs based on trainer availability.

We are here to help you!

Personal Training

Time Frame
Single Session
4 Sessions
8 Sessions
30 Minutes
1 Hour
2 on 1 (30 Minutes)
$35 per person
$130 per person
2 on 1 (1 Hour)
$45 per person
$170 per person
$320 per person

Expiration dates:
All sales are final. Sessions and packages are non-refundable, non-transferrable and expire after the time frames listed below.

  • A single session is to be purchased the day it is taken; if purchased ahead it will expire after two weeks.
  • Packages of 4 sessions expire 2 months after the start date
  • Packages of 8 sessions expire 4 months after the start date

Cancellation Notices:
If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please contact your trainer. 24 hours’ notice is required for a cancellation or rescheduling in order to receive credit for the session. Failure to cancel within this time frame or failure to show up for a session will result in the client being charged for the session. Exceptions will only be made in the case of a medical emergency accompanied by a doctor’s note. There is a no-refund policy on all packages purchased – a client may only receive a refund or extension on expiration date if accompanied by a doctor’s note.

Tardiness Policy:
Clients are expected to begin working out at the start time of the scheduled appointment. A late start time does not entitle a client to a session longer than the scheduled appointment.

Corrective Exercise


A Corrective Exercise Specialist assesses and determines the causes of the movement compensations that are associated with posture, stability, mobility, and body composition, and then works with you to correct them. Some movement compensations may include forward head posture, forward shoulders, thoracic spine rounding, pelvic tilts, bow leggedness, knock knees, weak ankles and others. Contact us today to learn more or sign up for a training session.

corrective exercise web graphic showing a woman working out with a kettlebell and the transformation in a woman's posture from slouched to upright


  • Your fee of $100 includes one 30-minute assessment and then two 30-minute training sessions
  • Non-Member fee is $125


Click below to contact Olivia and begin your evaluation today. 

Styku Body Scan

Throw away the tape measure! Styku is 76% more precise than measurements from the most skilled hand-measuring experts, performing a 3D body scan in seconds using just a simple turntable and 3D camera, and extracting millions of measurements with 2mm accuracy. Using the body measurements and a reconstructed 3D body image, Styku calculates body fat percentage with incredibly high precision. Use the 3D model to set goals and highlight changes in shape!

Before kicking off a new workout program or routine, gain some crucial coaching from our Styku and Personal Trainer, Olivia Conklin. Set goals, check progress and correct areas of deficit.

a screen capture graphic from our Styku body scanner showing a member's body transformation side-by-side


  • Members scan & brief consultation: $20.00
  • Non-Members scan & brief consultation: $40.00
  • Personal Training Clients: One free scan every 3 months (must be actively training)


What to wear and plan for your scan: 

  1. Because of the accuracy and sensitivity of the scan we ask that you wear tight fitting clothes. Females: Sports bra or form fitting top and leggings such as yoga pants produce the best results. Males: Most males choose to do their scans in form fitting bottoms and no top.
  2. The scan only takes a few minutes, but plan for 20 minutes to go over the data and how to read it. All the data will be emailed to you.
  3. If you are on the fence, give it a try! We believe this will be a great tool to put you on the road to succeeding in your fitness goals.

How to schedule your Styku Body Scan: 
Stop by the front desk, contact your personal trainer, or email Olivia Conklin

A photo of Thomas Reitz

Thomas Reitz

Certified Personal Trainer

A photo of Olivia Conklin

Olivia Conklin

Certified Personal Trainer

Headshot of Certified Personal Trainer Janice Leeser

Janice Leeser

Certified Personal Trainer

Picture of Morgan Raup, Personal Trainer

Morgan Raup

Certified Personal Trainer

Carly Kuhns headshot

Carly Kuhns

Certified Personal Trainer

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