Kassandra Mabus

Name, hometown, current residence

Kassandra “KC” Mabus, born and raised, and currently reside in, Milton!

High School

Milton Area High School

Family, spouse, boy/girlfriend, kids, pets, etc.

Mom and Dad:

Keith and Jennifer Mabus


-My older brother, Brandon Antes who recently got married to Caroline Antes! They have a son, Ellis.

-My younger brother, Spencer Mabus, who you can catch taking Yoga classes with me.

-My younger sister, Ryleigh Mabus, who is currently in college.

-And my boyfriend: Tighe Miller. Tighe is a Danville native and we have been dating for almost two years now!

How did you get started in fitness? What was your first exposure?

My parents got me started young with Teaball, Upwards Basketball/Cheerleading and then AYSO soccer while I was in elementary school. I was also very active in high school where I participated in field hockey, marching band and my personal favorite – bowling! 

Who influenced you along the way? Tell us about your mentors.

My parents were a huge influence! Mom was my coach for most sports we did as children. Between her and dad they would coach 4-6 teams a season with Upward, splitting it between cheerleading and basketball. I really wanted to do Field Hockey my senior year, but there were no coaches, so mom took over that position as well! When I graduated from high school I became her bookkeeper and ‘Assistant to the Assistant Coach’ where I continued to spread my love for the sport for at least three years. 
I would also like to thank Amanda Smith who introduced me to classes like Hip-Hop Cardio and P90x at the Milton YMCA, and also Autumn Potter, who got me hooked on Yoga classes here in Lewisburg. 

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy taking Krista Peterson’s Yoga Pop class on Wednesday nights! But I also adore hanging out with my siblings. Either going out to eat or attending fairs, festivals, or town events. But most of all, I like to unwind watching movies or TV shows. 

What is on your bucket list?

To go on a Cruise! 

Favorite Food or Candy?

Food: Pulled pork sandwiches or any type of loaded nacho! Candy: I’m a sucker for any type of chocolate that has caramel in it.

Favorite Travel Spot?

2022 was the first time I actually took a vacation, like, ever! I went to Mexico in February and Ireland in October. Both were beautiful and I would love to go back again (if someone else foots the bill that is!)

Favorite Movie? Book?

Movies and also Books: The Hobbit and/or Lord of the Rings series and also Jim Henson’s Labyrinth.

Any hidden talents? Fun Facts?

I grew up doing 4-H when I was younger. It was there I learned to harness skills in sewing, photography, hiking, and baking/cooking. I consistently won blue or red ribbons for most events I entered in. But my favorite one was cake decorating. I am still known to put those skills to use!

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